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Right Questions to ask when you join a new org as a product manager


I have worked with multiple organisations in the last decade and there is one thing used perplex me is “how do I quickly get onboarded to a new workplace”. While some organization do have great onboarding programs but most of them give you a surface level understanding of the ecosystem. As a product manager , our responsibilities are very cross functional in nature i.e we need to be...

Learnings from running 100 experiments in 100 days!


In this blog post, I am going to talk about the journey from “zero to one” and all the learnings that came out of it. We were working on our annual goal-setting exercise and one of the strategic initiatives was to build a “Culture of experimentation“. To give more context, I was working with a company that offers a SaaS product to run A/B tests. As we were working on our...

uncovering the meaning of customer data platform?


You have heard it before and I am sure you read a lot about it as well BUT do you really understand the importance of a customer data platform? WHAT is a customer data platform? There is enough literature out there that explains and defines a CDP but let me try to give you the simplistic meaning of a customer data platform. First, we need to understand the problem that it is trying to solve so...

how to handle objections from stakeholders [PODCAST episode #1]


Stakeholder management is a very under-rated skill for a product manager but it probably is one of the most important skills that is required by every product manager. As a product manager we sit right at the center of the business and if you ask any product manager about their ‘typical day’ then you’ll hear a lot of them talk about how they interact with various...

Let us talk about imposter syndrome!


As a product manager I have always had that feeling hanging over my head with questions such as “What if I am not building good products? “or “What if I am not innovating enough? “or“All of my immediate colleagues have tons of domain experience, how will I ever compete? “ The feeling of inadequacy when you get such questions in your mind is called...

building a go-to-market activity checklist for saas products


I love having checklist’s to ensure that I am not forgetting important repetitive steps of a feature development. Let us discuss the benefit’s a little later but first let us discuss why do we even need to worry about building a Go-To-Market activity checklist? Most product managers believe that the most important KPI for them is to “ship“ the feature. You can ship 100...

what to do with all the product usage data


In the previous post, we discussed product instrumentation i.e mapping your product to effectively measure product adoption. When you are collecting a lot of data about the usage of your application, it becomes really tricky to represent all that data in a readable format. I will try to explain how we (VWO) approached this problem. I have taken one of our products called VWO Testing – An...

Uncovering the meaning of product instrumentation


In this post, I aim to give you all a complete understanding of product instrumentation but before we discuss it let us talk about one of the most common questions that every product manager has to answer about his/her product. “Okay so you have built some great features but how do you know that are helping the customers?” The answer to this question is simple for most product...

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